Elections Saskatchewan is an independent office of the Legislative Assembly, created to plan, organize, deliver and regulate provincial electoral events for the people of Saskatchewan.

We do not oversee elections at the municipal or federal level.

A reference page of materials and information for any Saskatchewan municipality to use

Dr. Boda has been CEO since June 1, 2012

Mandate, head office and field leadership team.

The values we hold, what we aspire to be, and who we are

Individuals in charge of provincial elections in Saskatchewan from 1905 to present.

All about the "first past the post" system we use in Canada, and much more.

The Election Act, 1996 and other legislation and regulations that we administer

Quick references to related websites

Some common terms and acronyms we use

For information on the federal election on September 20, call 1‑800‑463‑6868 or visit the Elections Canada website. https://elections.ca